Procrastination is hard to shake off because you always have a plausible reason not to act now. This book shares insights on the deep root cause of this problem and how to deal with it and live life on your own terms. It is going to be published soon at the price of £19.99 but you can still get it for free now


The book will show you why procrastination may be stealing your dreams and how to stop it effortlessly


The danger of procrastination is not what you didn’t do; it is the guilt afterwards that messes up your mental state and spiritual vibration causing other problems. This will blow your mind


My coaching experience taught me that fixing procrastination helps fix other unrelated challenges for my clients -small change may make a big difference


Ayo is an award-winning personal and executive coach with a high-level capability for helping his clients solve seemingly intractable problems. He is the author of the best-selling book ‘Goldmine of Your Mind-Your Fast Track to Abundance’.

He is sought after by a lot of ambitious individuals and has the great privilege of personally coaching a wide variety of highly productive and extraordinary human beings. Some of his clients include celebrities, athletes, premier league footballers; he also coaches ordinary people with equal passion and commitment.

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He believes in the philosophy encapsulated in the South African Proverb ‘Umuntu, Ngumuntu, Ngabantu’ It means people are people because of other people. This is his WHY! Help others.

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Your Mind is a Goldmine – Use it.

What some readers say about the book

Don’t just take our word for it!

After reading this book, I realised the damage procrastination had done to my progress in all areas even in my relationships. It is not enough to read the book but also act on the exercises carefully crafted to achieve a rapid outcome. Now, I make my decisions with lightning-quick precision without hesitation, it has made a huge difference in every area of my life.


Andy Salsman

Procrastination has been robbing me of my joy and progress for a while. I got your book and even procrastinated because I just couldn’t find the time to read it. One Saturday morning I woke up, picked the book an got so engrossed in it. To cut the long story short, procrastination is no longer an issue for me, Thank you so much Ayo.


Susan Cole