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First Principles Mastermind Group

Benefits: The Mastermind Group helps with your challenging issues and appropriate decisions are fully investigated.

  • Enjoy support to help develop and crystallise your company vision, mission and action plan.
  • Brainstorm strategies and sharpen your focus to achieve long-term sustainability and rapid business growth results.
  • Find your accountability partner to help you follow through on the great decisions you produce at the sessions so that you get to your goals
  • We provide alternative leadership and management tools and techniques that are tested and proven to work in different environments.
  • Problem solving techniques are facilitated by external experts at some sessions to boost the confidence of business leaders to confront issues and build a better business.
  • We promote optimism, motivation and continual learning through training, coaching, events etc.

Client Information



I guide my clients by focusing on the most challenging inner blocks with the use of a powerful method which is unique to each individuals. It is the overall make up of how we view the world and all that is around us. We will work to the core of all the challenges and create a sustainable, transformative results.

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