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Here are what our clients say

Have you heard that a single book may change millions of lives? That’s the view of Monty Panesar the Ex England International Cricketer about the book ‘Goldmine of Your Mind – Your Fast Track to Abundance’. He also noted the passion of the author Ayo Benson for helping people succeed as it radiates throughout the length and breadth of the book. So the book is available on Amazon worldwide or on audible with the link below:

High achievers are relentless in the pursuit of their life goals. Emile Heskey gave a snippet of his experience of coaching with Ayo Benson here. He said’ ‘it was great because we got some great results.” This is the common thread with all our clients: Results: Unexpected results. More-than-expected results. Off-shoot results. Very often, life-changing results.

Join the Rapid change Program by Clicking on the link below:

The CEO of ENYI JNR talked about the transformational impact of the 2 Day Rapid Change Program on him. He said ‘this is learning at a level he has never experienced before and he is a Master Degree holder.’ You cannot change your life overnight but you can change your direction overnight.

The is a short story of a transformational impact of coaching and how adversity may be turned into success. Ruth Pearson had a 3 months coaching with Ayo Benson and everything changed for her. She described it as domino effect. Click the Link below to sign up for the Rapid Change. Program.

Ngozi shares her experience with Ayo and his team. With Ayo’s help and coaching, I’ve been able to Launching my beauty brand. I have also built a team of 12 people all within 3 months of coaching with him. Click on the link below to Join the Rapid Change Program.

Lillian is a multitalented technology Consultant with many years at the corporate director level. She said ‘those of you thinking that you are perfect just like me, think again’ This program will eliminate your mental block to release you to go and do extraordinary things in the world. To be part of this great life-changing program Go to

Comfort said this program has helped her remove the mental block stopping her and she now feels powerful. You cannot change your life overnight but you can change your direction instantaneously which is what all the delegates did on this program. If you will like to be part of this program please visit:

The CEO of Caribsa Fitness Gail Jerome George in London speaks with Ayo Benson the author of ‘Goldmine of Your Mind’ and a Master Coach about how coaching with him changed her life and her business for good.


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